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FLX-12 GENZ PACK W/ 12 degree ICE-DUCER™

FLX-12 GENZ PACK W/ 12 degree ICE-DUCER™

ICE PRO FLX-12 W/ 12 degree ICE-DUCER™


The streamlined, flat surface of the FLX-12 delivers a larger display that won’t trap rain or snow. This design also allows for increased viewing angle. The simple to operate system only requires two control knobs. The FLX‑12 offers a 20' Low Power range setting option for use in shallow water or thick weeds and a night viewing mode.


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Five depth ranges to 120 feet. It offers a unique night mode option so the display is easier to view at night and also lights up the center depth graphics. There are 20 steps of Interference rejection (IR) to help knock-out interference from other sonar systems. If your battery is running low, the display gives a coded series of flashes long before the unit shuts down. The FLX-12 is VERY popular for open water use as well. When you put the FLX-12 using Vexilar’s Brushless data transfer technology, you get a sunlight readable display with a built in low power mode and ranges to 120 feet. This pack is ready for the ice right out of the package with a 12 degree Ice-Ducer transducer.

Using the round case design of the popular Pro Pack, the Ice Pro system does NOT come with the DD-100 that gives the user a digital depth and battery status – they can be added later! This system fits easily into a five gallon bucket and comes standard with a 12 volt 9 amp Hour battery that is easily accessed in the back of the system. You get one rod holder with this pack, but you have room to have two. The unit is pre-tapped to hold all of Vexilar accessories like the Glo-Ring, Flex-light, Beverage holder and comes with a Vexilar tackle box and easy to use cable management system. Protect your investment with the addition of a Soft Pack Carry case (SP0007) sold separately. This system is ready to use right out of the box!

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